Saturday, 20 Sep 2014


Performance-Proven For Family Farmers

When you buy a bag of Golden Acres Genetics seed, rest assured that it was developed for you, the family farmer.   Other seed companies treat the South and the High Plains like a couple of “niche markets” and will sell you their “local hybrids” which are really developed and tested in Iowa or Illinois.  Everyone at Golden Acres, from the president down, spends time walking the fields, examining plots to find the best performing hybrids.  We spend 100% of our time in Arizona, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kansas, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, & Virginia, developing the best genetics for local soils. 

ga-harvesterYou’ll get 5 bushels/acre better than the plot average with our southern bred
corn hybrids, and our sorghum hybrids outperform the plot average by more than 200 pounds/acre.  They won’t melt in the heat.  They won’t wither in the drought before the rain comes pouring from the heavens.  They won’t die from disease.  And they have the best insect and herbicide protection technology available to any of those big, northern-based seed companies.

We’re not a huge seed company.  We’re small enough to treat you like family and close enough to understand the problems you face.  Give us a call anytime in our Waco, Texas, office or contact your local Golden Acres representative.  We’ll give you personalized attention and figure out which of our performance-proven products will work best for your soil.

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