Growing Your Legacy…from one generation to the next

Golden Acres exists to preserve the values, traditions, and independence of the family farmer. So instead of just focusing on products that best perform where you live and farm, we offer choices from a family-owned seed business that has been three generations in the making.


We offer face-to-face service so that we can determine your needs and learn how we can meet them. We’re committed to growing your legacy, to providing the productstools, and service you need to continue to succeed and thrive.

Your legacy may stretch three generations into the past or it may have begun with a recent business partner and a plan for the future. Either way, it’s the driving force behind the decisions we make and how hard we work to see our plans come to fulfillment. That’s why we spend 100% of our time in Arizona, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kansas, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, & Virginia to select the best genetics for your farm.

Choosing seed is a farmer’s most important decision. We understand that you have questions. Feel free to call us or email us at our Waco, Texas, office. We can’t control the weather. But we’re real people with lots of seed experience that look forward to hearing your stories and helping you and your community.

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